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Originally Posted by Bakwa View Post
For those that have UZI experience, which brand would you think would be the best to go with if someone were to just buy one already made? Velocity Arms RMUZ 09 UZI from Atlantic, a Vector Arms UZI, or a Norinco?

Or are all of them equally good to go? I hear good things about all of them.

All the ones I have used are pre ban IMI ...

Norinco are good but do have some odd stuff done to them for import ie tack welding the barrel nut some other stuff with the stocks etc no bayo lug ( for what little that matters on a 16inch rifle.

Vector I have not use most seem to run right some early I think might have needed work but UZI are pretty simply guns and easy to fix

The one Alentic has I like but have not seen anything on it

I would say Norinco if you can get it cheep or the Alentic model ( as they should back it up if anything goes wrong ).. Though if you can get a model B IMI they are pretty darn cool and you can get one sub 1k if you look
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