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Default SSG-97c (PSL in .308) Custom Magazines?

I've got an SSG-97c in .308 with a small handful of magazines, but I have been playing with the idea of modifying some more readily available options to prevent from damaging the rarer ones.

I've seen other users and other photos of SSG's in .308 using alternative magazines, but does anyone know of any guides to do this? Earlier it looks like people used Galil magazines, but I'm thinking it may be easiest to do this with Saiga .308 magazines.

2006 Post from romakdaddy about Galil mod:

SSG-97c .308 with metal mag

GunRunnerHell Tumblr
(shows SSG-97c with factory Saiga .308 magazine)

Proposed mags to modify

ProMag - Will use to test fitment/mod, since cheaper

Factory Saiga .308 magazine - Shown to be successful in post by GunRunnerHell, higher quality than ProMag

Csspecs 10-rd - Ideal look and build material once mod is proven successful

Does anyone have any thoughts or advice?

Thank you!

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