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Originally Posted by Gustav109 View Post
Took a full cup of coffee to read thru to this point. Starting my second cup now, so here goes. I have a Tiger carbine I bought a little over 20 years ago. I used to shoot it fairly regularly for a number of years and fired it a few times in the sniper matches and did very well with it. Ergo; about 10 years later I got a PSL and started fooling with it; I really like this rifle. The muzzle brake actually works and the accuracy is there if you take the time to learn how to shoot it.
Both rifles like certain ammos better than others. Don't ask me why, I'm not a ballistician. The rifle I enjoy shooting the most is the PSL; it strips down much easier for cleaning that the Tiger. I clean my guns when I finish shooting and put them away "ready to go" if I ever have to use them. Something unique about the PSL is its history. When Romania chose not to follow the program for the invasion of Czechoslovakia, Russia decided to curtail the knowledge of weapons development. The Romanians took this in stride and developed there own sniper rifle; PSL......................

thats cool. glad you like them both. I know a few guys that own both platforms, distinct between the two and like them both. A well made PSL can be very effective in hands of a well-trained individuals. One of the downsides to FPK/PSL is that you cannot use heavier grain projectiles.

But the part about the Romanian "stride"

Russia didnt give them the license for the SVDs, they could not figure out the machining of the SVD receiver and the SVD barrel manufacturing, so they just "lengthened" the AK. not too much stride there.

mags are the weakest point in the PLS design. they can be extremely problematic. Back in the day when you can call up Century and buy 5 mags for 42$, people would just buy a few and weed out the shitty mags. now that the prices have blown up its more difficult to do.
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