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Originally Posted by Reckless View Post
I'm just wondering how SVD's haven't ended up being sold as parts kits here in the US.
Because they don’t make all that many of them (at least compared to AKs), they aren’t cheap where they are available (usually in the thousands of dollars in europe, $1200-1500 on the lower end), and because the receivers are fairly complicated to manufacture. The steel used in the receivers is a type of structural steel not readily available outside of China and Russia (If anyone is interested I had a lab analysis done of a section of an SVD receiver.)

Just speaking from experience in Iraq and Afghanistan an SVD can run anywhere from $5,000-10,000 depending on demand. The average afghan makes about $1800 a year... it’s a sellers market in the war zones.

The parts kits in the linked thread are from cut up Russian or western-European deactivated weapons. Those don’t have a usable bolt or bolt carrier, and generally have the piston cut up and pins welded in the trigger mechanism so you wind up paying over a thousand dollars for some furniture, barrel components, and a top cover...

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