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Originally Posted by nalioth View Post
For the umpteenth time, it's not a "permission slip".

it's a "notice of travel", and it's just that - a "notice".

You do not have to wait for it to be approved & returned ( they don't "approve" these forms - they just file them )

You do not have to carry an approved copy with you when you travel.

It can be submitted for the upcoming 12 months to cover all NFA-legal states.

I'm really not sure why some of you guys keep throwing this "permission slip' crap out in these conversations.
I think the "permission slip" refers to the actual Form 1 to cut the barrel.

Originally Posted by ncreptile
At least they're not out there dressing up like animals like some of these nutjobs.
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Everybody needs a rifle with a magazine longer than its barrel.
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