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Originally Posted by giantpune View Post
The hardest part about the process is getting together the fingerprints and passport photos. The first time I did it, I blew $10 at the pharmacy's photo center and another $15 paying a local security company to do the fingerprint cards. Then figure in the extra time I spent driving around getting this stuff done.

Then I wised up and got the fingerprint cards and ink off amazon. If you haven't had them done before, I'm sure there are lots of videos on how to have a helper do your prints for you. And anybody with a half decent camera and a photo printer can make a whole sheet of passport photos for almost nothing.

Once you have that, its just a matter of filling out the forms and mailing them to uncle sam and your local sheriff. They have to be printed front and back and you have to send 2 copies to uncle sam. You include a copy of your trust in the envelope sent to the ATF but not the one to your sheriff.
Thank you, that information is very helpful.
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