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Just shit outside in the woods or the back yard. Bucket shitter? Seriously? Some of you preppers perplex me sometimes. Too many plans and overthinking shit (sorry....I mean to say stuff). Geez criminy! Season yourself or eat right where you only have to shit twice in 24 hours or less. I do it all the time. Find a favorite log or stump to hang your ass over and let 'er loose. I'd be less concerned with where to shit and more concerned about what to wipe with. Keeping a clean ass is essential. What the hell are you gonna do when your 5 gallon bucket is full of shit anyways? Wait on the flies? No.......your gonna dump it why not just take your dump where you would dump it? You can't tell me that you've stocked up on five gallon buckets for shit instead of water and food. I suppose you'll have a cushion for the rim too.
Quite honestly...................I do get a good laugh out of you preppers/survivalists sometimes. No offense if preppers or survivalists are not the correct terms to describe, and yeah.....I think there's a difference for those really serious preppers or survivalists, but I'm not sure. I'm a realist and don't put myself in either of those categories simply because I don't want to be labelled as either or. This conversation is just one good reason why.
But damn! Y'all got to put your big boy pants on and quit worrying about trivial shit ( apologies.....should have said 'stuff'). Some of you are going to be the first ones to give up and run to the first AAA porta potty put up by the establishment forces like a mouse in a trap. I'm sure there will be plenty of Charmin soft ass wipe and that minty blue smell with a wet plastic seat to stick your ass to. Enjoy it is all I can say, because I have no pity. Separate the men from the boys, the doers from the dreamers, the serious from the undecided.
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Originally Posted by drjarhead View Post
It is the mission of every leftist to destroy you in any and every way possible.
They aren't your countrymen, they are simply enemy.
Fuck the left. They belong in Hell.

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