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I'm a huge fan of the PSO-1 and it works as designed but lately have been branching out and trying a few combinations. On the Tiger I am running the PSU 1-4 for something different but I really want another ACOG or BCO optic for it. I was considering the Elcan for a while too but ended up selling it. 1 or 4 x just isn't my thing. Ultimately I may go with a thermal if I can find the time to get back into hog hunting

I like the PS07 with the dragunov reticule but otherwise don't care for the magnification. 7x is too high for me. It's a good scope though, but I like a wider FOV rather than magnification

Overall I would say anything with a 4x or less magnification would be a good start. Use the RS or NPZ mount and good rings and really most anything will do. I had a Zeiss 3-7x that I got in trade and it was really nice. Also the Leatherwood CMR is kick ass based on shooting the ones that friends have, and Primary Arms keeps coming out with cool stuff all the time too.

I actually might add a section to the website about US optics and what works best on AKs. I have ACOGS, BTO, RMRs, MRO and other stuff so maybe it's time to branch out and start buying budget optics too
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