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Originally Posted by Towerofpower93 View Post
The PRS match in Nov had a few targets at 1200y, so my dial and holds nearly ran out of clicks and reticle for the SVD. Tied for 12th out of 15 ROs, but definitely had more fun than any of the bolt gun guys, haha.

Sounds like you need to get this rifle mated up with some handloads and sign up for a PRS or DMR match to really see what it'll do. I wonder if the 130gr Berger AR Hybrids might be better for the Vepr as they are apparently insensitive to jump and would allow you to stay within mag length and not worry about chasing the lands. Might be a non issue with your aftermarket barrel though.
I always hand load nowadays. factory ammo can do great things, but its just not the same. Ive found that Bergers either like to be almost in the lands or way off. My 300 WM is a factory 1/2 minute gun, but the throat is so long I can load to 3.6" and not touch the lands when spec is 3.34". I load at 3.43 so the 230 gr berger is jumping that far and still crazy accurate for a factory rifle. I will play around and test extensively at 1000 before I dream of doing a match. Ive never done one before so I don't want any doubts of the rifles capability when I do. I load those in my grendel AR, still finding the right powder, speed, and barrel time though. maybe one day ill see you out there. maybe I'm being dramatic, but its hard to be comfortable at a sport you've never done.
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