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Originally Posted by Towerofpower93 View Post
That's good to know.

You planning to run it in the DMR match in May at PNTC? It's a two day match on 5 and 6 May with steel out to 800, per the RO email I got from Tom last night.

I used my SVD in the last PRS match of the year as I RO'd it and didn't see it as wasting a match fee. While it was fun, 174gr SMKs leaving the barrel at 2500fps were not the ticket for impacts on small steel at distance, haha. Yours probably has a good chance at doing well though.
haha, yeah they were dropping like a rock at 800 for sure. I am a member at PNTC. I haven't considered doing a PRS match at this point because I haven't worked up a load in either this rifle or my grendel AR. I have all my long range rifles qualified for any range there, but with factory ammo. Factory grendel is hard to find and 1 dollar a bullet, so if i can get a temp stable load worked out for one of these two I will go. the grendel is even supersonic out to the 1000 line with a 130. I want to get the new 150 grain sierra(.713 BC) going 2900 out of this barrel if I can keep it accurate. If i can do that i will be able to hit any target with hold over from my 100 yard zero with room to spare.
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