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Oh & yeah I'm that one guy thats too lazy to get an image hoster.. I know I know..

Originally Posted by fry View Post
are you trying to buy this kit or sell it
Honestly debating. Good buddy came up with this tub of parts & calls me. Says he wants enough to buy an entry level AR & some ammo. So I stroke him a check for 600, give him a battlepack of M193 & take the tub home to sort. Found:

most of an FR8, badly bubba'd
All of two FALs (one was ugly, other one is this STG) plus one receiver
A dozen new mags in paper & some 30 rounders, good lord thats a big mag.
An israeli mag & odd looking scope. SUIT something or other.
1200 rounds portuguese 7.62

I traded the rough looking rifle / reciever for several hundred M855A1, just incase for my new Colt A4. Figure I'll probably sell the scope also but seriously thinking about having the STG built now if its as good as they say. I've got pile of 30 cal rifles (several K31 Swiss, a nice 1903 & mosins coming out my ears) but nothing semi auto that can lay serious hate.
WTB: I want your Swedish M41 6.5mm surplus ammo! That stuff has been long gone since I've been buying age, thank you.
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