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Originally Posted by AKBLUE View Post
No can do. Sold the Sting Ray for $425 in 2008.
Otherwise be all over that test.

LOL my X wife worked in receiving at Saint Vinnies about then and we managed to get about 5 of the Schwinn's with shifters and one with a springer front end because they were not safe to sell . I sold the one with the springr front end for $2200 .
the others went for about $400.
I used to sel at all the car swaps then . she sold Beanine babys and made a killing LOL . Those bike were a hot item back then

I broke a lot of stingrays and Huffys back in the 70's in the beginning of BMX before there were store sold BMX bikes . Dad used to gusset them for me and raise the cranks up so I could run longer ones off a 10 speed .
made my own frame from EMT conduit in the 9th grade metal shop in 1977 . Its still at my dads , It was copied by R&R and sold commercially I was robbed IM telling you . I had first twin tube top bar BMX frame . was in BMX mags and every thing .
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