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Make a ramp that's 2 feet high . On one use a board that's 2.5 feet long and one other use a board that's 4" long .

get on your Schwinn Sting Ray and make jump off of each one .
what one makes the forks want to break and make you do a face plant over the handle bars ?
I had this stuff figured out when I was 5 .

the carrier tail moves the hammer back until the bottom of the carrier comes in and hits below the hammer face . That angle can be optimizes also so its not beating the hammer straight on .
At that point the hammer is actually seeing back and up force the pin makes it swing down . the angle on the hammer can be adjusts slightly but not much because the area were it hits the firing pin needs to be square .
the pin actually takes a pretty good beating on the AK .

Guys need to keep in mind the carrier is also making contact with the round in the magazine . Id prefer an smoother pass over the ammo .

I don't know why one carrier is narrower and one is not ?? but the wider one moves the ammo more in the mag as it passes since rounds are off tot he side .

AK blue thanks for that picture . I see form it I was comparing a milled Yugo carrier last night ( I got it from 4thIDvet from Gunco years ago remembers him ? )

Not how on both of the ones in your picture the forward ramp is looks to be hand ground . On a AKM and AK 74 that area is just milled at a an angle about like the rear of the stamped carrier in your picture .

MY guess is the AKM and AK 74 were just easier to make and cheaper and since they worked fine that what they used .

I have seen the margin from the bore for the bolt to the start of the ramp vary greatly on different flavors and also in the same make .
I profiled my first one because the ramp was not even making initial contact and it was hard to work the action .

Again the stock set up works fine . If you want a bit smoother action the angles and lengths f them can be tweaked a bit something a factory is not likely to do by hand .
I know I can run a slightly smaller port after I rewoked my 23 Varmint bild on Rommy parts .

The recoil spring plays little in a blow back I think it plays a bigger part in a gas operated locking breach fire arm .

On a blow back the weight of the bolt assembly has to be enough on its own to allow the fire arm to fire .

I have been told that if the spring is left out the gun still will not blow apart .

I don't want a lot of spring pressure . just enough to ensure the action closes and the round chambers . a lot of variables with this form the forward mass to the pressure of the spring its self.

Im not sure of but would like to know at what point the carrier and bolt was to light to to have enough forward mass to chamber a round with a normal spring or if it would matter at all. ??
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