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Originally Posted by english kanigit View Post
It is designed and intended to lengthen dwell time during the cycle of operation.
Nothing more. Nothing less.

Anecdotal. None of us are privy to the design, engineering, or manufacturing information, details, or process at Kazanlak.

Even if it was soley designed to be a booster, excellent flash hiding function certainly was an unintended consequence.

Throughout human history, many great discoveries and inventions came about as unintended consequences. For example, when Lockheed was building the SR-71 their aerodynamicist strongly opposed the idea of making the airframe the pinched and flattenned shape we all know it to be. DOD and CIA insisted on the shape though to minimize the radar cross section. DOD/CIA also insisted on chines just outboard of the engine inlets, once again to disrupt radar signal.

Both of these changes, purely designed to defeat radar, actually made the jet more aerodynamic, more stable at mach 3 and faster speeds, and produced more lift. The chines in particular greatly reduced the take off and landing speed, and produced so much lift that lockheed was able to eliminate the canard forewings thwt were originally planned to go on the aircraft. Lockheed, boeing, and others also incorporated chines into future aircraft like the F-16 and FA-18 for the aerodynamic stability they provided.

Unintended consequences.

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