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Originally Posted by chknfkr View Post
My own and other peoples experiences show quite the opposite. How short did you cut down your barrel?

This is my personal AKS-74U SBR. A 7.62 gun should flash even less.

And here JMAC rates it #1 for flash supression.
Just below flush with the face of the FSB/GB, I think it's 8.25" but I haven't measured it in a long time. There was space between the aperature of the conical insert for the 4-piece booster and the muzzle. Again, the 4-piece is not a flash hider... this was a regular occurrence every 3-6 shots with Tula, Wolf and GT.

The single most effective flash hider I've found for the krink is the Surefire SF3P. Bar nothing.

It's actually more effective as a flash hider for the short, hateful bitch than the suppressor that mounts on it.

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