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Originally Posted by english kanigit View Post
It sure does. Until it doesn't.

The bulgy 4-pc is a booster. Nothing more, nothing less. It does have the awesome side benefit of throwing more of the hatred and discontent coming out of your muzzle downrange vs at everyone in the immediate vicinity. It isn't in any way, shape or form a flash hider.

This is from a -107UR that was equipped at the time with a Bulgy 4-pc.

My own and other peoples experiences show quite the opposite. How short did you cut down your barrel?

This is my personal AKS-74U SBR. A 7.62 gun should flash even less.

Originally Posted by chknfkr View Post
Thanks! I got really lucky with the lighting that day.

The 4 piece is great. Almost no flash at all even from this 8.25" barrel. When it does flash, it's a very short lived fire ring.

The flash cannot be seen by the shooter, only by those next to or in front of the rifle.
And here JMAC rates it #1 for flash supression.

Originally Posted by chknfkr View Post
Bulgy 4 piece blows the other flash hjders out of the water.

My own experience with it mirrors JMACs results.

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