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Originally Posted by english kanigit View Post
It sure does. Until it doesn't.

The bulgy 4-pc is a booster. Nothing more, nothing less. It does have the awesome side benefit of throwing more of the hatred and discontent coming out of your muzzle downrange vs at everyone in the immediate vicinity. It isn't in any way, shape or form a flash hider.

This is from a -107UR that was equipped at the time with a Bulgy 4-pc.

Originally Posted by Bakwa View Post
This is the first time I've seen that big of a flash out of a 4-piece.
Is it possible that that picture was taken at just the right time to seem like the flash is more pronounced than it normally is.
I've never seen a 4 piece that even semi-consistently put out flash like that.
The ones I've seen have a flash at night similar to someone trying to spark a lighter that has no fuel in it.
Well, most people chop their own barrel. If you chop the barrel and have about 1/8 to 1/4 sticking out the FS/GB (muzzle end not even with the FS/GB), the cone will make contact with the barrel leaving no room for the gas to go in the chamber. Therefore, ALL the gas will just shoot out. That would explain the fireball.

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