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Originally Posted by evnash View Post
well those clips are called Speed clips. they are mean to be worn with a belt as they have tabs on both sides that will grab onto the belt. i have them on all my pistol holsters and they are very secure but can be taken off easily. im sure you could try them without the belt but if the mag retention is normal the whole carrier might pull up and off your pants. but if there is a seam in your pants where the stitching is it might grab that ok.

Yup I use something like this now for small single stack CCW guns. I like the option mag carriers mainly for casual outdoor use with a "Battle Belt" where you could place the clips over the Battle Belt and either hook the tabs on the Molle straps or just jam it in place w tension from the battle belt and whatever coat etc you have under it.

Have you ever thot about making them w those super strong "UltiClips"? Man I love those things. You will pull your pants off over your head before those things come unlatched.
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