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Originally Posted by Weaponmark View Post
I disagree with some of this.

Although what you go on about is nothing new, and it does affect the price, hovering at $2,000 is rape pricing.

If it's not rape pricing, tell me how the same factory can put out a sub $400 parts kit, and sub $150 barrels if they are so overwhelmed with orders?

$400 kit + $200 barrel + $200 receiver + $200 assembly and we are at $1,000. I think I'm being generous on a couple of those numbers as well. It's not like they have to jump through hoops to meet US import regs, in fact one could argue there is less work involved.

Couple that with the current going price here, and I think we will see these drop sharply in price. I'll make a prediction that we will see these creep down to $1,100.
They also have to make profit as well from their endeavor. How much profit should they make? Also having to re-engineer the receivers for U.S. compliance is $$$. Not a ton of money but it adds up per rifle. Remember the PSL, like the AK, has the dreaded third-pin hole thus is considered a machinegun even if it isn't. That means making sure the rifle can't be easily modified to be a machinegun. Then they have to grind off the bayonet lug only to have Century put one back on (if they even decide to do it). Labor costs are rising in Romania as well so stuff won't be cheap like it was.

Then you have the middlemen like Century who need their share as well.

Not saying I want to spend $2K on a PSL because I don't, but there are many factors as to why we got to this point and it isn't because Romania and Century decided to charge 2K out of the blue just for the heck of it. If it sells, it sells. If it doesn't, like you said their prices will drop like what happened to others that weren't selling.
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