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Originally Posted by ScubaSteveXdm View Post
Fired mine last week has a huge gas leak , bolt cycles back half inch to a inch tops , won't fire semi auto or extract round. Gas setting is on semi , pulled gas plug and was severely corroded. Replaced gas plug and had DSA test fire it , same thing. Gonna try to mess with the gas tube to seal it up.

Anyone that bought one I would test fire it asap

DSA wouldn't take it back or swap it out ( understandable since it is surplus ) just sucks being stuck with a non functioning rifle.
That sucks. I wonder if a new gas valve or a NOS gas valve would fix the problem.

I had one so corroded one time it wouldn't budge. After many soakings with penetrating oil (and a lot of anger) I got it free. The valve was beyond saving, but the gas block was good after some serious scrubbing. Replaced the valve with a stainless steel one from Murrays and the Yugo ran like a champ.
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