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Yeah Hornady is the only non steel jacketed 5.45 ammo available. Its also the only non-Russian made/ non-Surplus 5.45 ammo available. And that's only helpful if you have an indoor range that also allows steel cased ammunition. Most of the indoor ranges around here don't make the distinction between steel cased and steel jacketed ammo. They just do the old "anything that attracts a magnet is banned" bullshit.

There's one indoor range around here that lets you shoot AKs but they ban the Bear/Barnual brands of ammo and one other random brand for some reason. But yet Wolf, Tula and Golden Tiger are all OK.
I Have no idea why they do that nor do I want to bring it to their attention that it's literately all the same crap. Sometimes rules make no damn sense.

I have yet to see an outdoor range that cares about steel cased ammo though. So that's where I shoot my AKs mostly. I have to drive over an hour away and make a day out of it. But why not. Shooting out in the open with a sky above you instead of a concrete ceiling with a noisy ventilation system is nice on occasion.
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