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Originally Posted by Tankboy View Post
All ranges where I live in Indiana suck balls and hate AKs/steel case ammo. One of the biggest and most popular ranges banned ALL ak pattern rifles (even though they sell them) simply because they said that everyone who shoots there with them doesn't know how to shoot and just ends up spraying and shoot the ceiling, hitting the wall or whatever. They're also moving to ban people from shooting ARs there now too, but you can't shoot any steel case there cause it's magnetic and "tears up" whatever shit they have down there. Not all indoor ranges around me ban AKs (they're the only ones to do it so far) but the no steel case thing is pretty much like that everywhere around me unless you go to an outdoor range, but they try to regulate your rate of fire there and that's getting into another discussion lol.
The indoor range up here near me in Delaware County does not allow steel case ammo, brass only which means no AK-74's period
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