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Originally Posted by Justice06RR View Post
Why hate on a $150 old rifle that was mass-produced?

Not like they're bubba-ing an expensive or collectible firearm. Most of the Mosin's that get customized are your basic models anyway.
No offense, but our grandparents were saying the same thing about the K98 and Luger bringbacks from ww2. They are no longer $150 rifles, and they will not remain $250 for long either.

We are custodians of history. It is our job to make sure they are ready to go for the next generation.

Thankfully it's soon to be a moot point as both 7.62x54r and the rifles that fire the round are quickly leaving the "budget friendly" category and people will choose a Remington 700 over spending $250 on a 91/30 and another $500 butchering it.
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