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In the late 70's, I found a brass handle and wood Gerber Sportsman laying open on a backroad, probably used by someone to clean their batter connections and left laying inside the fender well and forgotten, the common fate of many a favorite knife.

It's out of that same generation and style as the 1189 and Buck 110 of the first lockback folders. It had the same lines and SS blade of those other two knives. I carried it continuously from the time I found it up until 2006 and used it for everything.

I then switched to a more modern pocket clip folder with thumb stud and am currently carrying a Blur.

No way would I ever go back to carrying the Gerber. Compared to the more modern tactical folders like the Kershaws, Benchmade and Spiderco, the Gerber sucks.

Gerber's SS was notoriously too hard back then and impossible to sharpen in the field with a stone, therefore I carried a dull knife for over thirty years. After carrying Benchmade and Kershaws, the ergonomics of those knives like the Buck and Gerber suck as well.

I recently ran across the old Gerber in the back of my safe and opened and handled it. It's not even in the same class as modern tactical folders. It's probably worth maybe $25.00 to $35.00 to a knife collector on eBay.

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