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Originally Posted by TubThumper74 View Post
As I understand it, the VEPR does not accept standard (AKM) furniture, where a WASR will. Is that correct? I'm really trying to go the "traditional" AK route with this one. Finding used surplus AKs round here is challenging, its predominantly RAS, C39, and IO with the occasional N/OPAP.
At least there's an AK presence where you are at all. I'm in AR country, where the only AKs I've seen have been an overpriced WASR (700+), and a used, overpriced MAK 90... that I'm sure is a MISR 90 that they're trying to get rid of.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love ARs, but why would I buy one when I can build what I want with a $1000 budget? I'm doomed to order AKs online, it seems. And even then, I'm limited to sites that will actually send the guns over here in the first place.
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