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Originally Posted by OHVET View Post
We need a translator to hear what is being said. Sandals and a camera man don't strike me as a combat encounter. Also, there are no supplies and no additional ammo anywhere on her or the room. Looks like a fashion shoot, no pun intended.
Translated by a Turkish speaking friend:

Cameraman: "Hehe, did you see that round?"

Some other guy: [Indistinguishable]

Kurdish sniper : "Oh wow, he shot! I saw 14 guys, 2nd floor, and got one in the throat."

Cameraman : "Did you see the bullet coming in at that angle?

Kurdish sniper : "God, that was so close I felt it fly by, how did it not get me, it was so close!" [big grin]

As to your other point, it sounds like their group is in a fortified area, explaining why she personally didn't have to haul in a bunch of provisions. Their stuff is probably in a central room nearby. She probably won't empty an entire magazine in a whole shift. Chris Kyle mentioned spending the better part of one deployment doing exactly this kind of thing in his book with great success.
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