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Originally Posted by OHVET View Post
Dude... fuck ricochets. We lit up up this like makeshift boat with a 50 cal and zoomed right by or over me, truthfully I don't fucking know the actual proximity but it scared the shit out of me and sounded entirely too close. You probably wouldn't believe me but it had some kind of metal frame and what Im guessing was a car engine with a giant gas tank on top. The whole thing was covered in Styrofoam like a shit ton. I'm assuming the hull was Styrofoam too but I'm not sure. One of the most ghetto fantastic things I've ever seen. I guess the bullet bounced off the metal frame? I mean we lit up from like 40 feet away if that. Probably should have hit it with something smaller that close but the Navy will be Navy.

Oh and the gas tank exploded too which was cool. I had a fucking video of it somewhere from my phone but I may have deleted it. I mean there was nobody in the boat so it wasn't that exciting. We just found the shit and sank it. Took a couple thousand rounds honestly. Pretty much a giant waste of time. I'm assuming they used it to pull 3 other smaller Styrofoam boats with no frame or engines because they all were within a mile of each other. I'm guessing the occupants died in transit or I don't know, maybe a different boat picked them up. We found Cuba stuff onboard.

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