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I think it looks awesome, great job.

Originally Posted by bjonesgtaw View Post
Exactly what i ended up using (thanks for the recommendation BTW) but didn't hold up too well the build process so now its a BFPU look but i like it.

just gotta keep playing the APEX lottery or gun broker.


Populated my barrel last and forgot my handguard retainer lol. So today while we demilled my buddies romy G kit we removed the gas block, put retainer on and pressed everything back on. Drilled barrel for roll pins and assembled everything. Fired 100 rounds out of it to test everything. Headspace is still dead nuts but the trigger slap is terrible. I've been trimming the disconnector to try and reduce this. Ive got it almost all gone but it will pop up ever 5 rounds or so. OK enough with all that, here's the pictures.

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