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I will sum it all up. For general fitness don't worry about what exercise you do. Just Do something and do it most everyday. You need to sweat. Treadmill, weights, basketball, etc. if you arent sweating while weightlifting then quit resting and start moving. Diet for weightloss means eating three meals a day with no snacks in bewteen meals or after supper. NO SNACKS! Eat a diet almost entirely of meat and veggies. Starches and fruits in very small quantities. Drink unsweet beverages exclusively. Drink alcohol rarely. If you feel full during or after anymeal then you ate too much in that sitting. Adjust as necessary. If you never feel hunger (slight not severe) at somepoint during thr day then you are overeating.

Don't overcomplicate this. Do what I wrote above and don't deviate. Results are gauranteed and they will be dramatic. Lie to yourself at anytime during the process and you will fail.
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