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Originally Posted by bignick31985 View Post
Just picked up all the materials and built this platform for deadlift and gave me a decent way to secure my power cage. $250 total.

4 sheets 3/4" Plytanium
1 sheet 3/4" Blondewood
2 4'x6' stall mats cut to fit
1-1/4" coarse thread drywall screws
1 quart porch paint

And the pic doesn't show but I used a skid proof porch paint to cover the Blondewood, to help with grip and reduce the likelihood of my sweat ruining the wood, lol.

Very nice build. I considered doing one of these but I'm so transient it would be a pain for me to have to move it. I just have the horse stall matting throughout my gym. I'll definitely make a platform at some point.
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