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Originally Posted by IrishCannon View Post
Isn't it just called cold shock muscle therapy?

I wouldn't mind doing that or the sauna but I aint got time for all that junk. Maybe if I sell a business to Amazon for a couple billion I could get around to it.
No, the closest thing to it is Tummo meditation I think. The thing that those Tibetan monks do up in the Himalayas and melt the snow around them. It's got a lot of mysticism in it, and no one has time for it, not even me. This is the only thing I have found that has actual scientific and medical studies done around it, and "proven".

I think it has more to do with combustion from breathing and flooding the blood with oxygen. It makes things like pushups effortless, or with the cold it makes you stop shivering and heat yourself up to dry off.
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