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Originally Posted by SAIGA 5.45 View Post
One thing I have really started doing for recovery is a 10-15 minute cold shower after workouts, really helps get that lactic acid out of the muscles and speed up recovery.

And as hot as it is I quite enjoy it now so if shtf I am good to go, who needs hot water anyway.
The "method" he uses takes you from slow cold showers, to ice baths because the cold increases the strength of the veins and creates stronger blood flow. The breathing thing is almost what you do naturally when you first enter very old water (inhaling in very hard and deeply and exhaling quickly). When I would get my infusions done I would always get these huge ginormous bruises so they were going to put in a port. Now that I do the cold showers, with the breathing technique and the stretching I don't get bruises anymore. The breathing is what increases the oxygen levels in the blood to 100% oxygen saturation.

I saw this and it is what made me want to try it. I want to be like this:

I don't mean to take the thread off topic, generally and genuinely interested in improving myself more.

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