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Hi guys. I finally picked an AR180 up at the Mesa gun show some days ago. It was up for $1299 plus tax. I was allowed to take it home for $1200 total. It was made by Sterling for Costa Mesa. The serial number told me it was manufactured between 1979 and 1985. For some very weird reason, the previous owner removed the bolt hold open lever and the right side of the folding buttstock has a 1" x 1.5" shallow (0.40") recess very carefully hand crafted and in which a little (presentation?) plate had been fitted.
It came with a Sterling made 40 round magazine and the dealer will be posting me the other two mags - possible 30 rounders, but from another maker. I think I'd lake a few 20 rounders, so I'd take a few AR15 mags and modify them.
I suppose the next item I want/need is the scope but I've not seen them yet.

Does anyone have a clue where I could get a bolt hold open for this little beauty? All info very much appreciated.
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