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Originally Posted by Glashaus View Post
My very first black gun was an AR-180, about Spring 1980, AR 15ís were hard to come across back in those days in my area, my gun dealer just happened to have a 180 with a factory Armalite scope and mount, I think I paid around $285-300 for it. All the ones that I have seen look like they could have been made in a high school shop class, back then high school shop classes were pretty well outfitted for metal work, I donít know what they are like now. The silicone would kind of turn me off. There really is nothing special about them other then the Terminator and the IRA cool factor. They are interesting from a design standpoint. I do not think that I would be interested in buying another one at todayís prices, to me just not worth it.
Thanks for the input. I'm gonna pass on it
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