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People say the chin weld on the AK sucks and the optics are too tall. They've been saying that for as long as I've been shooting AKs and collecting optics and probably further back than that

It's all a matter of getting used to it. It's about round count and training behind Russian optics. Obzor is my go to collimator out of my entire collection, and I use it way more than PK01VS. I put a lot of rounds down range with Obzor... I love it and have a ton of fun even at 500m

In my experience I can't see a difference between chin weld and cheek weld for military style shooting out to 500m. The higher head position is better for moving and shooting. It's great for both eyes open shooting. They are designed for that, it's not a coincidence by NPZ, or because they don't know how to design optics for combat rifles

I don't recommend Obzor to people new to Russian optics or new to AKs. It takes time to get used to for sure. But after all these years my conclusion is pretty simple...all it takes is time. It does work and once you are used to the chin weld of the AK you really understand that their optics work quite well
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