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I would go with the VS but nothing wrong with the cool factor of the Kobra. I have both (and a few others, see my reviews here:

Kobra is not an issued Army optic and does not have a GRAU number but it has been in use by various personnel and units for a long time, it's one of the first dot type optics the Russians began using. Kobra has seen combat in both Chechen wars and is well regarded in Russia. It's also been spotted in the recent Ukraine conflict

VS is not in service in the Russian army and with the introduction of Rakurs, Obzor, Kashtan and 1P87 I doubt it will be. BelOMO still continues to court other nationalities though and PK01-VS has been spotted in Libya on the AK103. It's possibly in military service somewhere ut I haven't heard anything firm yet.

Kobra has 4 reticule patterns and has a built in mechanism for the 400m zero depending on which reticule option is selected. They are lighter than PK01-VS but have a worse battery life. They are also not as tough as VS and the reticule can be blocked by rain or debris due to the location of the emitter. The higher head position of Kobra helps with shooting in dynamic situations

There are two main versions of Kobra. The one on the left has an airsoft Chinese copy out there so pay attention to what you are buying. My Kobra page has a series of photos showing the differences. It's not a big deal to figure out if it's legit so don't worry about getting taken. If it's coming from Kalinka it won't be a fake

In my testing the VS had the best battery life of any combloc style red dot - ever. 1700+ hours on maximum brightness. This is Aimpoint battery life territory on lower settings. Unfortunately I don't have 50,000 hours to test and see but based on battery consumption at high power it's a reasonable estimate

VS is super low and will cowitness. It's built like a tank and has solid controls for windage and elevation. Some people complain of a spongy feeling brightness control on some of them. All the ones I've handled feel pretty solid

VS these days is my go to red dot. It's modern, well built and has impressive battery life. As I said nothing wrong with Kobra but you have a 10 year difference in technology which IMO favors the VS. Both are great and FWIW if I had to go to war I would take either

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