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Originally Posted by ddnc View Post
Here is an idea for some of you that have access to the resources like a 3D printer. Can anyone fabricate a base pad/ end cap for these mags made of polymer or hard rubber?
Although these mags are excellent and the best option in this caliber they are pretty sharp along that bottom edge.
I will buy them if some one can make one that reasonably works and doesn't look odd.
Well, it seems that I am not the only one that want a 54r magazine base plate made from polymer or hard rubber ...
These mags are good , but are very sharp on the bottom edge and would damage any surface that you will put the rifle on , and also the hand if one is not careful while pushing it to seat correctly on the gun . I have personally cut the palm of my hand twice pushing the mags in , already . Nothing serious , but painful .
Hope that Csspecs will listen to customers and make a polymer baseplate that would solve that problem .
I would buy more of those mags if that baseplate is added .
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