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Guys, this is just a quick reference for some of you to get an idea about Soviet optics.

about 6 years ago we were teaching a class on my friends property where we can shoot from 100 to 1,200 meters. This was day 2 and we moved students out to engage targets between 300 and 600 meters. we also had a radio controlled target @ 800 meters.

a couple of older neighbors showed up, and were curious to what we were up to. They must have been in the 60s. Vic had a tricked out AR-10 with some stupid awesome crazy glass on it. He offered the old timers his rifle, and shooting prone off the bi-pod to have some fun. Guys laid down, and tried shooting the 800 meter silhouette. Had hard time focusing, finding proper eye relief. Once they got used to it, they still could not engage the 800 meter target.

I offered them to try again now using my SVD with original 4x PSO-1 scope on it. At first they were like WTF is this reticle and this weird side-offset. After a few minutes of explaining the rifle/scope/ammo combination- first shot and they made contact with steel. They were both very surprised how easy it was to find, and engage the target @ 800 meters (almost 900 yards) using a simple 4x PSO-1 scope. They ended shooting almost all my 7N1. LOL But they were hitting it almost every time!

you can still find original PSO-1 or PSO-1M scope for around 400$ on ebay. sometimes cheaper.
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