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Originally Posted by Bacon&AlcoholDistributor View Post
POSP and PSO-PO are not made at the same factory or even the same country.
Without a doubt from years of having many, PSO and PO (made by NPZ) have superior glass to BeLOMO POSP scopes.
Military grade PSO scope have one of the best glass in a scope, same goes for Kashtan and other military optics.
We have bought and relied on mainly foreign production of high quality glass (German- Japan), Soviets put much effort in making their own glass as high quality as possible. In Soviet era, one can get a degree from a university in such a field. Cinema equipment glass and camera lenses were among some of the best. Take a look on Ebay on how much their Soviet era glass is worth.

I can put some of the PO scopes clarity to the best Leuopold and it won't be any worse.
Cold war era camera lenses are considered to be ridiculously good quality by those in the know, supposedly.
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