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POSP and PSO-PO are not made at the same factory or even the same country.
Without a doubt from years of having many, PSO and PO (made by NPZ) have superior glass to BeLOMO POSP scopes.
Military grade PSO scope have one of the best glass in a scope, same goes for Kashtan and other military optics.
We have bought and relied on mainly foreign production of high quality glass (German- Japan), Soviets put much effort in making their own glass as high quality as possible. In Soviet era, one can get a degree from a university in such a field. Cinema equipment glass and camera lenses were among some of the best. Take a look on Ebay on how much their Soviet era glass is worth.

I can put some of the PO scopes clarity to the best Leuopold and it won't be any worse.
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