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Originally Posted by paulbow View Post
I’ve only ever used one POSP scope. It was really cool, loved the reticle but my US commercial market scopes have better glass. If I ever do a DMR type rifle I’ll for sure get a Russian scope but you’re really sipping the cool-aid if you think the pinnacle of scopes comes from the commies.
Soviets were fielding scopes for Mosins and SVT's by something like 1000 to 1 compared to us and the Germans, our and German sniper scopes were derivatives from hunting scopes while Soviets were mass producing military scopes from the ground up with excellent glass by that time, Germans were so impressed that they modified Soviet PU scopes for their own rifles.
When PSO-1 came about and in mass production, we had nothing comparable. We still relied on mainly cross-hair hunting style scope for our snipers (which were actually less durable, expensive and inferior scopes).

Yes, if one thing "commies" did right it would be their military optics.

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