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Originally Posted by Bakwa View Post
With me being a glass snob and an accuracy snob, I will say that in my limited experience, there is no comparison. Modern glass will be nicer, clearer, lighter, and more forgiving than old soviet scopes. If given the choice between a $350 POSP or equivalent and a new Leupold, you're getting a lot more bang for your buck with the new glass.

That being said, If you want something that looks like it belongs on a Kalashnikov rifle, and looks like it should be a tank of an optic, then I think you know which one to get.
Not really..... Many new and especially old Soviet PSO scope have the best glass and no Leupold is clearer.
Weight is pretty much the same or very similar. Magnesium alloy they use for PSO scopes is lighter then steel.

There's many variety of PSO family of scopes, IMO I do not feel a need for a Leopuld with (NPZ) PO scope that fits my need.
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