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The 11-87 started production in 1987 so its been around a long time and LOTS of them in the field in various configurations.
Its gas operated unlike some of the recoil operated shotguns and generally softer on your shoulder in firing.

The police versions (as the 870's) uses all forged / milled steel parts and no MIM parts like extractors , etc. Its all steel, heavy and made for durability.

I put a few cans of Federal 00 with the flight control wads thu it and never missed a beat and patterns tight for extended range and narrow spread at close range.

A few mods but the same core gun / mine has factory protected sights.

Speed gate loader , make sure you shorten it a tad or your finger can get caught loading.

Winchoke tubes installed, and tritium front sight added.

Basic parkerized steel / old school.

NRA Certified Pistol Instructor / RSO
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