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Originally Posted by rayman1
Yikes! Nice slap in the face to folks that have WASR's.

They're not "wasted" on WASR's. The WASR is produced exactly for what it's made for - an economical and functional alternative to the US-made kit builds and other AKM-style rifles out there. Thankfully, they allow other folks to enjoy the hobby without spending a small fortune on looks.

It doesn't have the "dimples" like the more common AKM-receiver rifles have but big deal. That's just one rung below all the other semi-automatic AKM-style rifles out which have the dimples but also aren't aesthetically and internally close to the real one. They'll really never be. So, it's a minor issue.

Even if you had a 1984-dated trunnion, one could still say it would be "wasted' using it a kit build on a US-made receiver with US parts. Kind of like if you bought an East German 30rd bakelite magazine and put a bright orange US-made follower and floorplate in it. For someone who may have been looking for that magazine variant, they might say that magazine is wasted with the orange follower and floorplate.

It's all in how you look at things.
you are 100% correct, the statment came out of my frustration at not being able to find a 1984 dated romanian trunion. didnt mean for it to come off so harsh.

ive had a build in mind for a long time i want to build a 1984 dated rommy underfolder since im of romy ancestry born in 84 and as of yet dont own an underfolder.
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