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Originally Posted by rhcwelder51
One other question on your Guy's rifle how is your bolt carryer as it Comes out the gas block. Mine doesn't seem to come out all the way straight when I pull it back almost all the way it moves to the right side a little almost rubs the side of the gas block is that ok

Missed this post b4 since I got distracted by AK porn. Mine also had a small hiccup when I got it out the box. Check the rails in your receiver that guide the bolt carrier. I had a tiny dimple on the scope mount side. A screwdriver and a good tap with a hammer took care of it, slams fine now.

My friend got his WASR the same day and had a similar problem. Wasn't one spot, the ejection side seemed to drag. Rail was fine, bolt carrier groove had a burr on it. Some filing with a micro model file solved that issue as well.

I further polished my bolt carrier 1) for looks 2) I do not trust gun coat/ spray/ paint of any kind on the internals. Do the same.

All in all I feel like I got the upperhand for the money invested. PWS muzbreak otw and am putting the 3rd coat of red on the furniture now.
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