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I noticed EE is still shamelessly promoting "One Year Supply of MH Entrees" and other time-period packages that are not even close to what they are purported to be.

Example--on this One Year package they highlighted in an email to customers this week, the listing is for 92 #10 cans. That is 15.33 cases (for $2200).

They say it's 270,000+ calories. I believe that is quite overstated, but I'm not not going to take the time to do that math. So we'll go with the 270,000 calories for this package.

Now here's the kicker--270,000 calories gets a person only 105 days of sustenance at the minimal level of 2000 calories a day -- three and a half months!

How do they keep getting away with this stuff?

Oh--here's how ... there is an asterisk at the bottom of the listing that says: "This food supply does not provide sufficient calories per meal by itself. Supplement with fruits, vegetables, and other side dishes for more substantial meals."

OMG! Know who you are dealing with ... these folks have done this for as long as I have been aware of them.
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