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I have the following backpack

I took the mag pouches off and put them inside to make it look like just a camo backpack. I have a small first aid kit on the side and the following inside:

-Kel Tec Sub 2000 9mm
-Five 33 round magazines, three in a mag pouch that can go on my belt
-Five 17 round mags, three in a pouch that can go on my belt
-OWB holster for my glock 17 in case I want to move it from IWB to OWB
-Two bottles of water
-Extra Socks
-Good shooting gloves
-Shatter resistant sunglasses
-Extra box of 9mm (mostly for range days)

This goes in my trunk wherever I can legally bring it. While not as sufficient as an AK, the Kel Tec has been reliable for ~700 rounds and uses the same mags/ammo as my daily carry. 147+p Federal HST is quite nasty out of a 16" barrel also. I have been on numerous hikes with this and it carries quite comfortably.
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