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Default Immediate Threat Response bags Pics!!!!!!

Couldn't find the old thread and don't feel like resurrecting it so might as well start a new one. This is just to post your setup for others to get some ideas or maybe help them come up with some new ones. Everyone's envisioned scenario and needs are different so this is a good tool to kind of compare notes and realities especially after something like the recent church shooting in texas.

These don't necessarily have to be survival setups or get home bags.

First setup I run RPK mags in a bulldog tactical discreet carry case, it can hold a side folding AK with a short muzzle device and 4 RPK mags. I keep the pouch on the other side as the case has a divider.

The second I tend to prefer more and carry more often, no real advantage over the other, just personal preference.

I also tend to carry a RS 30mm setup to toss on real quick, it is an advantage.

The case is no longer than 27 inches and 12 inches tall.

I think if I wanted to carry a fixed stock setup I would get a soft guitar case and work from there. I really love the com-bloc shoulder strap mag pouches for go setups, cutting the flaps off is the fastest method for retrieval and insertion of mags, sometimes I do both to a pouch and sometimes i only cut the side flaps and leave the main flap.
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