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Originally Posted by gunplumber View Post
The time to bury it is the time to use it. If someone is coming to confiscate, just shoot them in the face. Check their driver's license and find out where they live. Then go over there, kill their entire family, cut their heads off, and place them upon stakes displayed in the yard. Oh, and their little dog Toto too, as a finishing touch. Burn the house to the ground, but be careful not to damage adjacent property.

Soon, confiscation will fall out of favor. Consequences tend to modify behavior.
Thanks for all the reactionary comments and a report post on this quoted message above.
Instead of being shocked at what he said, READ it and THINK about it. The point Mark makes is that if confiscation becomes a reality, the Republic is dead. It is long since gone at that moment. If you dont fight for it then, you never will and servitude is your new life.

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