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Originally Posted by Trey Magnus View Post
As much of an "Arrogant Bastard" as you are, I cannot believe that you are being serious. Regardless of the poor choices a man might make, advocating the murder of his wife and children, whose only crime is being related to said man, is abhorrent. If you are being serious, that makes you no better than the man in question. In fact, it makes you worse.
I just stumbled onto this thread and already read that statement elsewhere... I dont advocate it, but illpoint out a few principles, past the whole vengeance thing...
-the apple doesnt fall far from the tree and if its a particularly depraved piece of shit (not necessarily LE, etc, just saying) ... whoever married thats likely just as much of a slag bitch that the world and its inhabitants would be better off without (ive got families of shit in mind for that, and families of better, more productive people to back up that stance, and the system itself has records that tie all them together as plain, out of an asshole, shit)

But carry on, im only saying that in another respect or why not to feel too much sympathy
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